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Our mission is to help golfers improve their body to improve their golf. Most golfers are happy to invest time and money into golf lessons and golf equipment but very few are investing in their body. To maximise the effects of your lessons and equipment you need to maximise your bodies potential. Ultimately your golf swing needs to have a golf body that matches the needs of the swing.


The Hardy Theory

My theory is very much based on golf and sports performance evidence. This theory has been developed over the last 10 years of me working as a Chartered Physiotherapist, working with both athletes who have had injuries to get back to sport and working with athletes to prevent injury.

During this work it has been noted that to achieve both of these goals I worked to improve the athlete and their athleticism.

I am now taking this knowledge and experience into the golf space to help you become the best golf athlete, to improve your game and ultimately work towards what all golfers want – lower scores.

Want to become a better golfer?

Ever since Tiger Woods took the PGA tour by storm in 1996, there has been an increase in the use of sports science, as well as strength and conditioning to improve performance in golf. Unfortunately, there are still some old school beliefs hanging around that strength training will lead to injury when actually, to be your best, you need to train for your golf swing.

It has been proven time and again that training increases your strength, speed and power, all then transferring from exercise to your golf swing. If you’re not working on your body, you are missing a huge potential range of improvement. My belief is that everyone’s body is slightly different and a bespoke workout and training plan is necessary.

I also believe in working closely with your swing coach to achieve your goals. Collaboration is key – let’s work together as a team!

Your success lies in the Data

man mid swing during golf

So, all this being said I want you to improve on all areas of your athletic ability and golfing knowledge base, in order to collect all of these marginal gains. You can then increase your speed and lower your scores!

I feel the simplest way to get you improving is to help improve the distance you hit the ball. Data from the R&A and USGA shows that on average, the further you hit the ball the lower your handicap is likely to be. Data from Mark Broadie (creator of the Strokes Gained Equation) shows that distance is more important than accuracy when it comes to shooting low scores and on the PGA Tour, longer distance is directly linked to money earnings over a season.

two friends having a great time playing golf

Work On The Golf Body To Improve Your Golf Game!