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Matt Hardy

Rethinking Strength Training in Physiotherapy

In the world of physiotherapy, the role of strength training has taken a big turn. In the past, heavy lifting was often believed to be a sure-fire way to hurt your joints. How often have you been told squatting causes knee pain or deadlifting will give you a bad back? But things are changing.

Nowadays, we’re realising that strength and conditioning can be a big help in physiotherapy. Instead of avoiding heavy stuff altogether, we’re learning to do it smarter.

When done right, strength training can make your joints stronger and reduce the risk of injury. It’s all about using the right techniques and gradually increasing the challenge.

Take squats and deadlifts, for example. Sure, they can sound scary if you’ve had knee or back issues in the past. But with proper guidance, they can actually strengthen the muscles around those areas, providing better support and protection.

Interestingly, research shows that people are more likely to injure themselves with daily trivial tasks than lifting weights in the gym. This highlights the importance of building overall strength and resilience through targeted exercise.

So, instead of thinking of heavy lifting as a recipe for pain, we’re seeing it as a tool for building resilience. By working with physiotherapists who understand how to tailor strength programs to your needs, you can regain control over your body and pave the way for stronger, healthier joints.

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