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Hit the golf ball further and more consistently – 2 Golf Performance client case studies

Who were the clients?

1.55 year old man (started at 18 Handicap and was rising, now falling)

2. 22 year old man (assistant pro)

Why did they come to see me?

Client 1 came to see me as he was finding himself tiring during his golf. He had noticed he had significantly lost distance off the tee and this was increased as he tired on the back 9. He was struggling to get to some of the longer holes in regulation.

Client 2 came to see me as he had recently turned pro and wanted to increase his swing speed so he could compete a little more in the events he was entering whilst completing his PGA training. His ambition is to teach and play local events in the long term.

How long did we work together?

I’m still currently working with both clients and have been for the last 6 months

What did we do?

For both clients we conducted a full screen for golf (more details https://hardyperformancephysio.co.uk/booking option 3). During this assessment we found that both had power leaks in their lower half and that their vertical thrust (jump) force was reduced. We also found that they had reduced power in their upper body push power (bench press movement). Both of these movements correlate very closely with swing speed for men.

Where they differed was, client 1 also needed to work on his mobility. He was quite stiff within his upper back and shoulders. This prevented him getting a full shoulder turn into his back swing which again is power leak, coupled with reduced leg power we had a lot of potential to improve.

For client 2 he was mobile but he had reduced stability of his ankles and shoulders. This instability was a factor in the reduction of force he could produce. Basically the body was using more energy to stabilise the joints therefore there was less to put into moving his body.

This highlights the 2 type of clients I see in the early stages of our work together. Some people are fairly strong but lack the mobility to use that strength and some are mobile but lack the stability to form a stable base and push off from. Highlighting which category you fall into then allows you to get the greatest gains in performance. You may however, fall into both categories.

With the return of golf post lockdown both clients have increased their swing speeds by at least 15%. Client 1 is now able to reach greens in regulation that he was struggling to prior to our work together. He doesn’t fatigue on the back 9 as much and has dropped his handicap by a couple of strokes over the time we’ve worked together. Client 2 is now hitting the ball further and is really able to attack par 5’s in 2 with a realistic chance of getting the ball close for eagles and birdies.

What can we learn from this?

It’s not as simple as just get strong (although that will improve everyone to a certain degree), to get the most bang for your buck you need to know where and how to get stronger and how to get moving in a way that is bespoke for you.

If this has encouraged you to give your golf performance a shot in the arm, please feel free to call or email me. You can also book online via the links on the site.

Thanks again for reading


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